Sinner Gin


Back to the roots

In times when colored, fruit, or floral flavors and in fashion, our idea was to return to the basics of this popular drink and make a classic high-quality gin. 

We wanted Sinner to be a quality gin of recognizable, classic taste. 

Unique recipe of 11 plants distilled, we've got crystal clear, fresh, aromatic, and gently spicy dry gin. The inevitable juniper, cardamom, coriander, and floral notes of lavender and elderflower with the freshness of citrus and conifers.

This balanced taste makes it the perfect ingredient and inspiration for many cocktails.

The basic concept of Sinner gin is emphasized by the packaging itself, which is why we chose a retro-shaped bottle with a simple and elegant label, dominated by juniper, the basic aroma of this gin. 

The intriguing name simply invites you to - make a responsible mistake! Whether you enjoy pure gin with ice and lime or a timeless combination with vermouth - like the world-famous Martini. 

Sinner is a gin you just can't resist. 

History of gin

The history of gin has been turbulent since the 17th century. In the beginning, it was cheap alcohol for drinking by the poor and was distributed as part of the workers' salary. This period was immortalized by the famous painting "Gin Lane" and verses by English artist William Hogarth.

When the production of gin moved from home and uncontrolled conditions to the distilleries of large and well-known producers, its second history begins and it becomes a high-quality drink. Than the famous gin palaces were created - luxuriously equipped spaces conceived as places where people could escape from their homes, from the gloomy everyday life, and enjoy gin

The gin finally experienced its triumph in the era of cocktail parties, which moved from the USA to England in the 1920s, when housewives wanted to entertain their friends with something between tea and dinner. The cocktail was the right choice and then gin finally became a cosmopolitan and refreshing drink.

So gin has come a long way to become one of the three essential drinks of every bartender today, but also of every good house party!













Podrum Palić Sinner Dry Gin

Sinner Dry Gin from the Podrum Palić distillery is just the beginning of the new collection "Sinners & Angels" which presents top-of-the-line, quality drinks produced in Serbia with their own knowledge and dedication.

Cocktail with a mistake

The best way to find out why Sinner is the new cocktail star is to make a drink and see for yourself! We are giving you the recipe for a new and simple cocktail with a twist (or as we like to say a cocktail "with a mistake") that you can make yourself at home. Just for you, it was designed by Marko Miladinović, Sinner gin brand ambassador and famous mixologist and bartender in the exclusive Belgrade restaurant Josephine

And don't forget - sinn responsibly! 


Sinner dry gin – 0,05

Lemon juice - 0,02

Elderflower syrup - 0,02

Soda water top up