In order to get the finest and brandy of preserved aromas and flavors of fruit, with experience and traditional knowledge, we apply the most modern technological solutions in the production of precious spirits.

It all starts in orchards, where we grow our own healthy fruits on 20 hectares of modern plantations.

In addition, some fruits are grown for us by our subcontractors, with whom we carefully monitor the growing process, application of protection and make sure that everything that enters our distillery is perfectly ripe, healthy, environmentally friendly and grown in a sustainable way, with special care.



Only the healthiest and best fruits are part of our brandies!

When we pick it perfectly ripe, we do not treat our fruit with any artificial means, but we immediately wash and pick it by hand, in order to remove imperfect fruits.

After selection and washing, the fruit is strained or ground and goes to fermentation conducted exclusively with the help of natural yeasts, in controlled conditions and at low temperatures up to a maximum of 20 degrees.

As soon as the fermentation is over, distillation begins in the most modern, discontinuous column boilers.

We control the distillation down to the smallest details, in order to get the perfect rakijas in which all the splendor of quality fruit is preserved.




After distillation, our white rakias mature for at least a year, while plum brandy is stored for at least three years in the best oak barrels with a volume of 500 liters.
That way, we catch the spirit of the fruit, save it and close it in a bottle.
When you open a bottle of our drink, that spirit will show up in all its splendor, to tell the story of the Sun, the Earth and tradition with its aromas and tastes.