UNICUM - The secret of a recipe over 200 years old.

This legendary bitter liqueur is the national drink of Hungary and the most popular Hungarian brand, of which they are particularly proud. 

The secret recipe for this bitter liqueur with over 40 herbs was developed as a digestive, by court physician dr. Zwack, for Habsburg Emperor Joseph II. When the Emperor tasted it in 1790, he simply exclaimed:

"Doctor Zwack, this is an Unicum!"


Original bitter liqueur with more than 40 herbs and spices of premium quality, also recognizable by the unique shape of the bottle. Every Unicum has aged six months in oak barrels. It is consumed as pure as a short drink in a chilled glass or with beer.


The secret of the magnificent taste of this liqueur, besides the traditional Unicum recipe - is aging on dry plums in oak barrels. In preparation for this unique combination, superb plums are carefully picked and gently dried, in order to keep their distinctive bouquet, which they will hand over liqueur during aging. It is consumed neat, as a short drink, in summer cocktails, or during winter in mulled wine.


This super premium liqueur is aged in two different types of oak barrels, more than 80 years old, and previously used in the Zwack family winery. The interaction of Unicum and this oak, over the decades, has created a unique layer of so-called "black honey" that gives this drink a silky and complex taste. Additional aging in another type of barrel rounds it off and gives a softer taste to this drink. It is consumed on ice or in cocktails.


Novelty from the famous Zwack house. Combining two traditions in an innovative way, Unicum Barista is created as an herbal liqueur with Arabica coffee extract, which gets its final character aging in oak barrels. Mix it with ice in a shaker, for a whole new experience!