Baraba like no other

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The best can be even better. We decided to challenge ourselves, to go a step further and create the ultimate rakia that will represent the very essence of our commitment, fruits from our climate, our experience, and our unique way of production. That's how Baraba was created, as a line of premium rakia that we are proud of, as it is the best from our house, representing us and our philosophy.

For uncompromising quality, as characterized by Baraba rakia, each fruit must be perfectly ripe and healthy, the production process precise and accurate, and guided by the vision of our entire team.

To achieve all this, we selected fruits from the best parts of our own orchards, even during ripening, choosing trees that bear fruit of a certain quality. Our fruit bears the stamp of a climate with lots of sun and temperate climate and lands of unique composition. Every fruit in our orchard is picked by hand, and only the best, perfectly ripe fruits are selected for Baraba rakija. This unique character of the fruit ripened in the Palić region, with so many hours of sunshine and drained soil full of minerals, cannot be repeated elsewhere. From there comes the splendor of the scent and the unique stamp of terroir that sets us apart.

All the fruit we use for Baraba rakija is picked early in the morning, while at its freshest, then immediately goes for washing and manual selection, to eliminate any imperfect fruit. After grinding, the fruit peel ferments at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees, under strictly controlled conditions in stainless steel containers. The process is monitored all the time and takes place without the addition of any artificial impurities or sugar- only what comes from nature and the fruit itself! As soon as the fermentation is completed, in order to avoid spoilage and unwanted processes, the key goes to distillation in modern copper distillers. Our cauldrons are adjusted according to the experience of our masters and technologists so that the distillates preserve as much of the smell and taste of fruit as possible and get the purest rakija possible.

However, both fruit and technology alone would not be enough to make something as special as Baraba. It requires a long experience and, elusive knowledge acquired through generations, impossible to learn from books. That is the strength of our local tradition nurtured for centuries in the areas around Subotica and Palić. On our unique terroir, fruits have been grown and selected for hundreds of years. That is why our region is the place of many autochthonous varieties of pears, grapes, peaches, apricots, and apples. This fruit-growing tradition inspired an idea to turn the best fruits into noble drinks. From such tradition, the Palić School of Viticulture with a modern nursery was founded in 1896, and the Palić Cellar became its successor in recent decades.

Passion is also important in this business, because without it there is no top drink. And making rakija for us is cracking in barrels during boiling, the sun's rays in a drop of clear and fragrant rakija, the first touch of drink on the palate and enjoying the first smell, the joy of a job done properly, on their own land, from their own, carefully selected fruit and with knowledge and experience that have turned into pride over time. Due to all that, Baraba rakijas are produced in very limited quantities and are available exclusively in selected catering facilities and specialized shops.

After all, our best rakijas have the name Baraba for good reason! Our Barabas was built by experience and that is why he is self-confident and characterful, polished and well-groomed, but always relaxed. He is accurate and precise, but free and independent. Baraba is a hedonist, but moderate in everything. Humorous, but serious, Baraba is not afraid to reach the edge, but he never crosses the border. Baraba therefore impresses and leaves a mark.

Welcome to Baraba's world. Welcome to the world of best rakia..





Baraba Quince

This rakia with a fresh and strong aroma is an extraordinary expression of natural quince, which conquers the senses even when poured, a very persistent aroma that stays in the nostrils and palate for a long time. It is made from the sweetest golden fruits of quince from our orchard, and we recommend that you sip it slightly chilled, as an aperitif. 


Baraba Apricot

The delicious, ripe, selected fruits of apricot from our orchard have been transformed into a seductive, elegant, fragrant brandy that combines the splendor and warmth of the early summer days. This elegant drink, the essential essence of fruit, will go well with a good meal.


Baraba Plum

Plum rakija is a great testimony to the skill of the distiller to create a drink that will accompany us on important life occasions and that will be a worthy outgrowth of the centuries-old tradition of this area. And the story of Baraba Šljiva rakija begins with choosing the best plum fruits in the orchards of the Podrum Palić, continues with the creation of pure fruit essence, and ends with storage in barrels made of fine oak, where the character of this drink continues its development. This rakija should be served at room temperature, at the end of a good meal.


Baraba Viljamovka

The unique, sunny climate of Palić is extraordinary for growing juicy and aromatic pears, and it does its best on this soil. From such a pear, which here show the best characteristics of its variety, we have made a brandy of noble character that will serve both as an aperitif and as a digestive.


Baraba Grape 

Experienced connoisseurs, those who expect a lot from grape brandy, already know how to appreciate our powerful, strong, and drinkable grape brandy, which is made from selected grapes from Palić vineyards. Its strong fruity, floral, and herbal notes will go well with the expertly prepared appetizer.