Tradition of the best…
Rakia from Podrum Palić distillery


Rakia is said to be the water of life, the gift of nature, the beneficial essence of fruit. Natural fruit rakia is a unique combination of climate, local traditions and modern technology.

The precondition for every top rakia is perfect fruit, and Podrum Palić 1896 is in the best possible place for that. The exceptional quality of fruits, especially pears, apples and grapes, is a trademark of our region. The fruits ripen in orchards raised on a single soil and receive a large amount of sunlight, which is why they are characterized by intense taste and aromas that are almost forgotten today.

Only perfectly ripe fruits full of natural sweetness arrive in our cellars, which are then transformed into pure, luxurious and noble drinks by the most modern technological procedures, while respecting traditional knowledge.

Our idea is to preserve the unique character of ripe fruit, its natural aromas in our brandies, and to catch the elusive.

And we succeeded in that!

Quince rakia

Quince is said to be a symbol of beauty, happiness and immortality, and the ancient Greeks called it Aphrodite's fruit. It is extremely rich in minerals and aromatic substances, but does not accumulate too much sweetness. Due to that, its large fruits do not give much rakia, but it is of the highest quality and unique character. The noble scent of our natural quince is not easily forgotten. It is consumed as an aperitif, but also as an excellent accompaniment to good snacks.

Apricot rakia

Apricot is the queen of aromas, a fruit of unsurpassed aroma and that is why it is sought after as one of the favorite raw materials for rakia. When you open a bottle of Palić apricot, you will feel a scent reminiscent of childhood, a tree canopy full of sweet and soft fruits and homemade apricot jam. It is excellent as an aperitif, but also as a digestif after a meal.

Viljamovka rakia

Of all the varieties of pears, viljamovka is mostly grown for processing into quality rakija, due to its luxurious aromas. Palićka viljamovka is elegant, with a noble natural scent, with the taste of ripe fruit and late summer caught in a glass. Consumed as an aperitif, but it is also an excellent accompaniment to good snacks

Plum rakia

Plum rakija is a national symbol and pride, rakija deeply woven into the tradition and being of our region. We make it with a mixture of selected fruits of autochthonous plum varieties, which we carefully distill until they acquire a recognizable, noble character. Every drop of our plum carries the spirit of tradition, the original taste of ripe fruit and the character of careful ageing.

Grape rakia

Spicy grape, baked from ripe and fragrant grapes from Palić vineyards, is intended for experienced connoisseurs of good rakia. Clear as a tear, pure grape scent and perfectly balanced, rich and lasting taste, it is ideal as an accompaniment to appetizers and specialties of national cuisine.